National Ranking System

2019 National Ranking Criteria

Purpose: The National Ranking System will be used by The Bahamas Archery Federation to select archers for the following considerations:

• Participation on National Team to compete at international tournaments

• Receipt of Federation funding and awards

• Participation in any developmental programs

Its primary objective is to provide a source of motivation to archers and increase participation. Rankings will be calculated monthly and the overall rank presented at the end of the year.

National Ranking Tournaments: At the beginning of each year the Federation will announce the tournaments that will be considered part of the National Ranking System. The results of these tournaments would be the only results used to calculate the national ranking score. In addition to the local National Ranking tournaments the following tournaments will be included in the National Ranking System:

• Bahamas Archery Annual Invitational

• BFAA Annual Invitational

• Caribbean Developmental Championships

• Barbados Independence Games

• Easton Gator Cup

• Any World Archery Ranking Event

Categories: All categories of archers will be included in the ranking system which will culminate in an overall ranking at the end of the year. 

Calculating the Ranking Score: An archer's ranking will be based on the following factors:

• Qualification Round placement

• Elimination Round placement

• Average arrow shot in the qualification round

• Distance shot

• Additional points for any tournament that includes archers representing other countries

In order to present a holistic picture of the archer's performance at an event points will be allocated as follows:

Qualification round points

Position   Points 

1st            30

2nd          28

3rd           26

4th           24

5th           22

6th           20

7th           18

8th           16

9th           14

10th          12

All others 10

Elimination round points:

Position    Points

1st              20

2nd            18

3rd             16

4th             14

5th             12

6th             10

7th              8

8th              6

9th              4

10th             2

All others    1

Average Arrow Points:

Average      Points

6                  1

7                  2

8                  3

9                  4

Distance      Points:

18 meters     5

30 meters    10

60 meters    15  (includes 50 meters)

70 meters    20

International Tournament Points:

Where the tournament is a competition between countries    20

Event Points = Qualification points + Elimination points + Average Arrow points + Distance points + International points

Publishing of the Ranking Score: The rankings will be published on the Federation website.

Format: The format for the National Ranking Tournaments (excluding the additional tournaments listed above) will be standardized as follows:

Qualification Round:

Double distance shoot (72 arrows) followed by eliminations.

There will be two rounds of 36 arrows with six (6) ends of Six (6) arrows with a short break between.

Elimination Round:

Compound: Cumulative Score, 5 sets of 3 arrows.

Recurve: Set system, first to six (6) points, 3 arrow ends.

Distances and categories:

Category      Distance      Face

Just For Fun     18m          80cm

Beginners         30m         80cm

Developmental 60m       122cm

Recurve             70m       122cm

Compound        50m        80cm


While the primary location for the National Ranking Tournaments will be the Holy Family Archery Club range affiliated clubs may mail in results provided arrangements are made prior to the event and the necessary certification of the alternate range is completed. Mail in events must take place at the same day and time.